Volvo Round The World Ocean Race 2017 Sets Sail from Alicante

The Volvo Ocean Race (formerly the Whitbread Round the World Race) is a yacht race around the world, held every three years. Originally named after its initiating sponsor, British Whitbread brewing company, it today carries the name of its current owner, Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo.


Each of the entries has a sailing team of 9 professional crew (in the 2014-2015 race) who race day and night for more than 20 days at a time on some of the legs. The crew members are required to be more than sailors, some of them will be trained in medical response, sail-making, diesel engine repair, electronics, nutrition, mathematics, and hydraulics. There is also a dedicated media crew member who does not contribute to the sailing of the boat. In the 2017-2018 race the number of crew can between 9-11 depending on the gender ratio.

No fresh food is taken on board, so the crew lives off freeze-dried fare; they will experience temperature variations from −5 to +40 degrees Celsius and will only take one change of clothes.

This year the  Race Village of Alicante , the starting port of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017, will open its doors from the 11th to the 22nd of October. 

The Race Village is a space of 55,000 square meters in which the Generalitat Valenciana will develop a myriad of activities for free to bring all visitors around the Volvo Ocean Race, the biggest challenge for teams in the world.  

During 12 consecutive days you will enjoy a diverse programme of concerts, animations, an introduction to sailing, entertainment for the whole family, an interactive museum and many more surprises that you can’t miss…. Certainly worth a short drive!!

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