Monday, May 23, 2022

The Cave of Skulls, Benidoleig. Go Rain or Shine!

A wonderful and cool way to spend a few hours!

The “Cave of Skulls” in Benidoleig is a little inland gem of historic interest, especially when the weather is hot and you have had enough of cooling down in the pool, sea or in front of the TV with air conditioning on full blast! Or, indeed,  if it is a dull and “unbeachy” day.

My family and I took a trip there twice last week, once to see the caves and another visit just for breakfast as the staff in the shop/cafe just outside are so friendly and it is tucked away in an idyllic little corner at the end of a couple of county roads which reminded me a little nostalgically of the pretty lanes back home in England.

There is a a gift shop, stacked ceiling high with trinkets, gems, jewelry, stones  and all the usual souvenirs ( including a whole rack of plastic phallic symbols, which at first glance (and much to the amusement of my daughters),  I thought were dog chews ( Specsavers here I come!)

But I digress ( as usual).,.. So, plastic penes ( or whatever the plural is) aside, we were all happy to pay out 3.90 per person to travel through the caves to see some amazing formations and learn a little about life that was present there around 50,000 years ago.  Stalactites (tites fall down) and Stalagmites (mites grow up) ( Geography O Level paid off!!)  are abundant and there is one monster  called “The Bell” which has a ring to it it when gently struck.  The further you go onto the caves the cooler it gets but it is never actually cold at this time of year.

Use your imagination and you will see some likenesses in the rocks to animals, Sophia Loren and Don Quixote! There was just one thing that made us mad, and that was some idiot called “Lucy” who I am pretty sure was not there 50,000 years ago but has managed to leave her mark on one of the cave walls . Why????

Anyway, please do take the time to go have a look around. Even on a rainy day, you will not be disappointed. The beer, wine and coffee are all good, there is ample parking and it is a great place to chill, in both senses of the word.

You can read more about the caves and how to get there on their website Cueva Benidoleig,  and in the meantime, here are a few “taster” photos taken whilst walking off our breakfasts .

Your own reviews would be most welcome.

( Photos by Chris Olsen and Karlee McGregor)




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