The 43,000 Euro Cost of the Granadella Summer Bus Service

Reported by Xabia. com earlier today…

In the plenary session held on Thursday 28th September, councilor Juan Luis Cardona asked in the section of pleadings and questions for the expense to the municipality the restriction of traffic to Cala de la Granadella during the months of July and August.

The Councilor responsible for the service explained that the cost of closing the road to vehicles to the Granadella cost the city 43,000 euros being 10,000 euros in personnel and 33,000 euros in the bus service. It should be remembered that the transport service made free trips every 15-20 minutes between 10 and 18 hours, with service doubling from 14 July to 31 August during the noon hours, from 12 to 14 hours, which was the period of greater influx of visitors to the cove.