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The Arenal Beach Cinema Programme

by JC Admin

Every Tuesday until August 20th.

One of the usual summer events in Javea is the Vora la Mar Cinema. It is completely free and is intended for all audiences. This summer film event usually brings together hundreds of local people and visitors during the summer months.

The shows begin at 10pm every Tuesday in the central area of ​​the Arenal beach.

July 9th – Vaya Vacaciones

Manuela and José love their children very much and, above all, they idolize their grandchildren. But the former have taken to leaving their children in the care of their grandparents, and they no longer remember the last time they had some time to themselves. To make matters worse, this summer they had to cancel the trip of their dreams because their children had a very important work trip… although they will soon discover the truth: they are actually on vacation in Bali. It is the drop that fills the glass. It’s over! Manuela and José will stop being the beloved grandparents and will make their grandchildren have the worst summer of their lives, they will make them call their parents and beg them to come pick them up. But Carla, Guille and Ali also have their own ideas about how to spend the summer, battling their grandparents in an all-out war.

July 16th – Momias ( Mummies)

In the bowels of the earth, there exists a city of mummies! By imperial mandate, Princess Nefer must marry Thut, a former charioteer. No one wants marriage; Nefer because he craves freedom, and Thut because he is allergic to marriage. But the designs of the gods are irrevocable: Thut must marry Nefer and guard the royal ring that the Pharaoh has given him; If anything happened to him, Thut would lose his eyes and his tongue. Meanwhile, in our world, Lord Carnaby conducts an archaeological dig and finds something unique: a royal Egyptian wedding ring! Thut must go to the human world to retrieve it. He is accompanied by Sekhem, his 12-year-old brother, with his pet crocodile, and Nefer. Together they will live a great adventure in modern London and discover something that was not in their plans: fall in love.

July 23rd – Barbie

Barbie (Margot Robbie) lives an ideal life in Barbieland, everything is perfect there, with chupi parties full of music and color, and every day is the best day. Of course, Barbie asks herself some questions, quite uncomfortable questions that don’t fit with the idyllic world in which she and the other Barbies live. When Barbie realizes that she is able to put her heels on the ground, and have flat feet, she will decide to put on some shoes without heels and travel to the real world.

July 30th La Vida Padre

Mikel, a young and ambitious chef, receives an unexpected visit from his father, who disappeared thirty years ago. At a critical moment for the future of his restaurant, Mikel must take charge of the crazy and unpredictable Juan, a true hurricane of vitality that will test all of his ideas about cooking and life.

August 6th – Puss In Boots

Puss in Boots discovers that his passion for adventure has taken its toll: it has consumed eight of his nine lives, so he embarks on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore his nine lives…

August 13th – Top Gun

The United States Navy has created an elite school for pilots in order to raise a class of experts in combat techniques. In the academy, better known as Top Gun, the best are trained to be fearless and cold at the same time, capable of not losing their nerve in extreme situations and not flinching when breaking the sound barrier at the controls of an F -14. Young Maverick arrives at school, famous for his reckless but brilliant way of driving.

August 20th – Campeonex

 Our team of “champions” abandons basketball to mistakenly enter the fascinating world of athletics with the help of a rookie coach. Between the harsh demands of the new discipline and the trainer’s surprising ability to attract all kinds of misfortunes and calamities, everything will end up turning out upside down.

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