Trixàbia 2019 Is This Sunday

There are three segments: Swimming, cycling and running, so the number of volunteers needed triples to coordinate this type of event.

All spectators and sports fans are encouraged to enjoy the show, which will begin at 8:30am in the Olympic Triathlon mode and at 10:30am in Sprint.

The Triathlon starts with the swim test at the Arenal beach, the running circuit between the First Montañar and Marina Nou Fontana and the cycling test on Avenida del Pla. That is why it will entail traffic restrictions throughout Sunday morning. From 8 in the morning it will not be possible to circulate either by Av del Pla or by Av Mediterráneo, so the only access to the Arenal will be by Av Augusta and Camí Fontana pier.

As for parking limitations, the parking areas in front of the MasyMas, Socco and Fontana must be cleared from vehicles on Saturday morning.

The Organizers have asked that everyone spreads the word on the subject of parking restrictions, especially on the Avda del Pla from McDonald’s Roundabout to the Roundabout adjacent to The Wok Restaurant, as last year a few cars ignored the signs and barriers on Avda del Pla and the ‘Grua’ had to remove these vehicles, which resulted in a substantial delay to the start of the race.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Trixàbia 2019 Edition triathlon will take place on the 22nd September in the Arenal.
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