Special Weekend in Javea

As well as the Trixabia event on Sunday, Javea is buzzing this weekend.


Parties of the Arenal. Javea Park, the nucleus of the Arenal, celebrates its own parties with popular activities for all types of audiences such as a children’s playground (at 10 am ), pintacaras ( 12 noon ), Belly Dance exhibition ( 9:30 pm ) and discomóvil (after 10 pm ) .

VI Tradidanses. In the Multipurpose Room of the Clot Portal. The programming of this fourth edition consists of workshops and exhibitions. At 10 am , traditional dance course at Camp de Turia by the Cultural Association l’Aljama de Bétera. At 4pm , in the same place, traditional percussion course taught by Aitor Sáez de Jauregui.

Red Eyes Festival of Photography. 

House of Culture At 12h , Experiences conference of a photographic collective in charge of the Col·lectiu specialized in the Red Eyes Festival. At 13h , in charge of Paco Sanz, you can get to know the “Photo Speaker Method” that seeks the empowerment and recognition of a society by distributing cameras to the people on the streets.

From 10 a.m. Solidarity. Different points of the municipality. Popular cleaning day. Xàbia returns to join the global cleaning campaign by planning a great day of voluntary cleaning of some of the points most affected by the lack of it in the municipality. A proposal that, in addition to acting in especially sensitive areas, intends to exercise an awareness-raising work on care and respect for the environment. Check THIS LINK to know the areas of action.

10h – 14h. Crafts. Plaça de l’Eslgésia.  Sale of products and articles of local artisans.

11h – 14h. Crafts. Paseo Marítimo in the port.  Street market in which all the products offered are handmade by hand made by their creators.

9pm Movie Theatre. Riurau dels Arnauda. RiuRau Film Festival, VIII International Short Film Show . Screening of fiction projects carried out by the members of l’Escola de Cinema Riurau. There will also be a tribute to Jayan Cinema for its trajectory and perseverance in the dissemination of the seventh art in the municipality and awards will be given for this edition. Free entrance.

9pm Music. Church Our Lady of Loreto. Concert by the Grup Polifònic Ars Nova and the Cantollano Chamber Choir of Valencia framed within the XVI Campanya de Concerts d’Interncanvis Musicals de la Comunitat. Free entrance. More information HERE .


TriXàbia 2019 – III Edu Monfort Memorial. Arenal of Xàbia . Sporting event consisting of three events: swimming, cycling and running in the Olympic and sprint modalities. The inscriptions are closed and the celebration of the same implies a series of traffic cuts and changes in the circulation. More information: TriXàbia 2019 / Traffic Changes TriXàbia 2019 .

Red Eyes Festival of Photography. From 10 am, the Soler Blasco Museum will host the presentation of the Sevillic Action by Eugenio Vizuete. Then, starting at 11 am, a round table will be held around the intervened photography. If a photograph is a reference of reality, is it still after having been intervened? What does the rewrite of some images imply? The speakers Marisa Giménez Soler, Nina Llorens Peters, Mili Sánchez and Eugenio Vizuete will try to shed light on this controversial issue.

9:15 Routes and excursions. Esplanade of the port of Dénia. The Montgó Natural Park proposes to know the biological and geological wealth found in the marine reserve of Cabo de San Antonio. The proposal for the whole family  The Tresor of the Cap de Sant Antoni  consists of a catamaran route bordering the trimmed facade of the cape from the sea. Requires prior registration. All the information in THIS LINK .

11h VI Tradidanses. Fisherman’s Market. Sarau a la Mar. Traditional dances by Rondalla and Grup de Danses Portitxol de Xàbia.

11h – 14h. Crafts. Paseo Marítimo Customs of the Sea.  Street market in which all the products offered are handmade by hand made by their creators.

16 h. VI Tradidanses. Fisherman’s Market . Presentation concert of the album ‘A Prop’ by Hilari Alonso.


Ca Lambert. Photographic collective exhibition framed within the Red Eyes Festival and with works by the Railowsky Foundation, Plastics (Pep Sart), Mexico City Blues (Pierre Yves Marzin) and the “Sevillic Action for a critical route on silver gelatin” (Eugenio Vizuete. Up October 20th.

Soler Blasco Museum. Tina Modotti presents her particular Historical Retrospective . A succession of photographs of his first steps in photographic modernism as an assistant to Edward Weston where technique, composition and form prevail in his speech. Until 20 October.

Cable House. Madrid in Silver is the photographic exhibition of Luis Baylón that aims to be a tribute to more than thirty years traveling the streets of his beloved Madrid, but with a different perspective. LAAMB is the Mike Steel show that makes the sport of Senegalese wrestling (Laamb) visible. Until 20 October.

Cactus Club Shop (Sor Maria Gallart Street). The xabieros Paco Català and José H. Melero present Uncertain correspondence . Each photographer responds, with a snapshot, to the image he receives from the other photographer, thus establishing a periodic correspondence based on the creative freedom of each one and marked by the uncertainty of not knowing what image he will receive from the other photographer. Until 20 October.

Isabel Bilbao Gallery. Francesc Daranas presents Fotograms, a succession of paintings that resemble frozen scenes of a cinematic sequence. Until september 26.

Isabel Bilbao Gallery. Pilar García Merido exposes Imbalances focusing on the psychological dimension of the human being and deepening concepts such as fear, loneliness and anguish. Until 20 October.

Mark Gallery. Rod David exhibits his latest paintings that reinterpret the music Miles Davis and Chet Baker. Until October 31st.