Thief steals a purse with a winning Lottery ticket and buys a house in Alzira!

robber who had stolen a bag from a woman in a bar in Novelda (Alicante) was fortunate in that among the loot there was a tenth of the Christmas Lottery – which a few days later was paid out in the sum of 125,000 euros. Then he took the opportunity to buy a house in Alzira (Valencia). Finally, the Civil Guard found and arrested him.

On December 19, the victim filed a complaint because that same day, while eating in a restaurant, she suffered the theft of her bag, which contained, among other effects, 950 euros in cash, and the aforementioned lottery ticket.

 A video camera captured the “clever” act in which he carried the bag hanging from the chair, covering it with his jacket which he put on while pretending to speak on the phone.

As a result of the investigations, the agents in charge of the operation focused their investigations on a 52-year-old male of Peruvian nationality who has numerous records for different crimes of theft, in the Valencian town of Alzira , and who lived in an address that supposedly he had acquired with the lottery money.

Finally, on May 31st, he was arrested. After appearing in Court in Alzira, he was released with charges.