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The “Salt Giant” will find a new home in Teulada-Moraira

The monumental sculpture ‘Gigante de Sal’ by Coderch and Malavia has a new home.

After leaving his stage in La Marina de València, after a one-year stay, it has been announced that he will be relocated by the sea in Moraira. The opening ceremony will be on March 6th, coinciding with dates close to the anniversary of the start of the pandemic. He will be “an ode to human strength” in difficult situations such as the COVID-19 crisis.

A Giant with history

The sculpture ‘Gigante de Sal’ is by the artistic duo, Coderch and Malavia. This monumental bronze piece has toured different European capitals spreading its meaning. The artists created the Giant inspired by the Butoh dance performance of Fred Herrera, who just a few weeks ago travelled to Valencia to see the sculpture in person.

This Japanese dance, which dates back to the years after World War II, reflects the resilience and strength of human beings to be reborn after great catastrophes such as the Hiroshima bomb.

A message with a direct connection to the years of the pandemic after which the Giant became a symbol of the strength of society.

SOURCE: La Marina Alta

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