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The new pool will be completed in May but will not open until after the summer

Construction of the new indoor swimming pool in Javea is about to come to an end but the long-awaited facility will not come into service until September or October”.

This rather contradicts the previous announcements that the works were very advanced and that they would finish ahead of schedule. Although at no time was it said that it would come into operation in May, it is usual that when when a building such as this is built, it would normally start to provide service.

Works have been tarnished in the last year due to the increase in performance costs. The company requested an increase in investment, which had a budget of 4.6 million . The company’s first request did not materialise and then a study period was opened to see what the economic needs were, based on the current situation, and the increase in the cost of materials. 

After months of waiting, it was known a few weeks ago that the extra cost will be in excess is 1.1 million. That is, the work will cost 5.7 million instead of 4.6, as planned and as agreed with  Contratas Vilor SL, the company that took over the works and requested more money to finish the construction. Of this, the Generalitat contributes three million, the rest will be borne by Javea town.

Certifications and reviews

“When the construction is finished, some essential tasks will begin before opening an enclosure of this type. You have to fill the glass, see that everything is fine and there are no leaks; supervise the water heating systems , among other basic issues, as well as close all the certifications that guarantee that everything is in perfect condition”, indicated municipal sources.

Therefore, all this will cause the opening of the venue to be delayed until “September or October”. It should be remembered that the company’s first request for a budget increase was 800,000 euros, a figure that the council initially considered excessive, so they took their time to study in detail the amount that had to be increased. Finally, it has been more money, 1.1 million, which will come from the treasury.

Source: Alicante


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