The ‘Damned Road’ of Marina Alta is Among the Most Dangerous in Europe

The two stretches of the N-332 between Benidorm and Benissa and between Verger-Gandia have now entered the category of high risk accidents, according to a study by EuroRAP, which analyses Europrean accident rates.
  • Among the negative factors are the excessive traffic intensity, dangerous crossings or pure density of traffic, especially during the summer.
  • It is the best argument in favor of the AP-7 becoming toll-free in 2020 and running of the Dénia-Gandia train.
  • There were 4 serious/fatal accidents on these two stretches within 2 years, including the loss of 3 lives in Oliva last year which had not been included in the last report.


The  EuroRAP report was completed with data provided by two experts in the field of Spain: the Real Club Automóvil (RACE) and the Real Club Automó

Please drive carefully EVERYWHERE!!!

A more detailed report can be found here in la Marina Plaza