The Convenio Especial Healthcare Application- Explained

Monica Suarez Penoucos from MSP Easy Life explains fully:-

The “Convenio Especial” is an application for subscription with the Generalitat of a special agreement for the provision of healthcare for people who do not have a status of insured or are beneficiaries of the National Health System.

The Purpose of the Procedure

  • The special agreement for the provision of healthcare,  signed with the Generalitat, allows access to the health benefits of the basic common portfolio of healthcare services of the National Health System within the Valencian Community and during the period of time in which the agreement is valid.
  • The special agreement does not cover the benefits included in the supplementary common portfolio of the National Health System, such as pharmaceutical, orthoprosthetic provision of dietetic products or non-urgent sanitary transport.

Who can qualify for access to it?

Registered persons in a municipality of the Valencian Community who do not have the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System, nor have access to a system of public health protection by any other title, and who prove effective residency in Spain during a period of minimum continuous period of one year immediately preceding the date of the request for the special agreement.

They can not request the formalisation of a new special agreement for the provision of healthcare until a period of one year has elapsed from the day following the expiration of the previous one. Those persons who, having previously subscribed a special benefit agreement of health care, would have been extinguished by any of the following causes:-

a) By decision of the person who has signed the special agreement, communicated in a reliable manner to the competent Ministry in matters of health.
b) For lack of payment of the first instalment or of the fees corresponding to two consecutive monthly instalments or to three alternatives.
c) For breach of the particular conditions established by the agreement.


a) Proof of effective residence in Spain for a continuous period of at least one year immediately preceding the date of the application for the special agreement.

b) To be registered, at the moment of presenting the request for subscription of the special agreement, in a municipality belonging to the territorial scope of the Region.

c) Not having access to a system of public health protection by any other title, either by application of national regulations, Community regulations on Social Security or bilateral agreements that in this matter have been signed by Spain with other countries.

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