Spot Santa’s (ISS) Sleigh From Tonight

Many kids dream of seeing Santa fly across the sky over Christmas, delivering presents to little ones around the world. Thanks to NASA they can for the next few days,

The US space agency has released specific times for when ‘Santa’s sleigh’ can be seen in the night sky. (Though what they will actually be seeing is the International Space Station, there’s no need for the excited ones to know that!). It is essential to look up promptly as Santa’s sleigh — in the form of a bright star moving across the sky — will only be visible for just a few minutes each time on his ‘practice run’. 

The following ISS Sneaky Santa Sightings are possible from Monday Dec 10, 2018 through Tuesday Dec 25, 2018 but some times may have to get you up a little to early!!

Here is the Sleigh table for Alicante area:-

Source: Daily Mail and Nasa