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Logo Chiara Mental Health Coach
Logo Chiara Mental Health Coach
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Chiara´s Office in Denia
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Logo Chiara Mental Health CoachLogo Chiara Mental Health CoachMeet your Coach ChiaraChiara´s Office in DeniaAbout ChiaraContact Chiara

Certified Mental Health Therapist & Life Coach with passion, speaking English, Spanish, and German fluently.

I aim to help you learn how to align with your best potential, set goals, and take action to create the change that you truly desire.

I help you feel empowered, mindful, lighter, and liberated – yet in control.

It isn't all me - together, we reprogram and optimize your future using a unique, effective, and nurturing framework to stretch you into your new supportive habits and confident behaviors so you can live the life you truly want.

In addition to this, I specialize in:

  • Mental illnesses e.g. Autism, BPD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia
  • Depression and other mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders e.g. generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks
  • Adjustment to major life events or transitions e.g. parenthood, divorce, retirement

My office is located in the centre of Denia but I also do home visits if required from Moraira all the way to Denia.

My Story

l studied Events Management & Marketing and I have enjoyed the creative aspect of the studies as well as the idea of creating special events and weddings where people will laugh and be happy knowing that I was the one who created this moment. Soon after, I gave birth to my son and as life wanted I became a single mother.

In my head, I worked and tried my hardest to be a "perfect" mother.

This is what I was meant to do right? So why am I not happy? 

I started questioning my life choices and got inspired by just listening to people and widening my horizons.

It was scary and just with the final "Butt-kick" of my partner I realized it was not only "the perfect job" or "perfect mother" that would bring me happiness- it is my mindset and getting to know the true version of myself that brings me the joy of living.

Throughout this, my passion for people came alive.

I wanted not only me but everyone to succeed and be truly happy. My purpose became making the world a better, happy place, even if it was only one act of kindness and love, or person at a time.

In searching for my purpose and how I would live my passion and fit into this world, I was introduced to coaching at The University of Sydney.

This was my “ah-ha” moment.

I finally found what I was meant to do with my life and how I could impact others.

This was the missing piece that helped me make sense of my pain and my struggles.

I have learned to take my life's pain points and turn them into life's lessons. I gained the understanding and knowledge to embrace the deepest parts of my life, as they are the gifts I was meant to share with others.

Without them - who would I be today?

And that’s why you’re here today reading all about me.

I hope we will be working together so that you can create a life that makes you truly happy.

We all have the ability in us, sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Contact Information
Phone: 0034674416525
Independent Trader NIE: X7083578S
Carrer de Diana, Dénia, Spain, 22 Piso 1, Denia 03700

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