SPECIAL CHARITY AUCTION – Signed Hohner St Scorpion Guitar plus Sail Away Day


Both organisations being good causes and facilitating factors to arrange a license for the live event in the old town in September, STEWFEST 2017 will be run with support from Cruz Roja Javea/Ambulancia Javea who will also help to raise funds to support local causes.

Besides raffles and other initiatives, we’ve got a one-off special auction that starts NOW and will also be given a 5min slot during the event.


Donated by the Happy Freuds a 20 year old Hohner St Scorpion guitar signed by all members in Happy Freuds & Thieves of Time.
100% working condition and for sure a nice piece of memorabilia!

PLUS A day on the sea for up to 8 people with Amber Star Luxury Charter donated by Chris Brookes.

Any bids can either be made as a comment on this article, on the shared page/group post, or if you want to stay anonymous, go to the Stewfest Javea 2017 page and send a  private message.

Hohner St ScorpionImage may contain: guitar
– EMG Select pickups
– Maple body
– Fouble cutaway
– Super strat style body
– Rosewood fingerboard
– Nolt on neck
– Maple neck