Call for Witnesses. Hit and Run Driver


This appeal was posted on Moraira Connect early Monday morning………..

“Hello, I need everyone’s HELP TO BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR A WHITE BMW CONVERTIBLE (TOP DOWN ON NIGHT OF INCIDENT) which left Fishy Fishy car park in Moraira, heading around the sewerage works towards Calle Haya in Moraira. SUNDAY 27TH AROUND MIDNIGHT.

A HIT AND RUN DRIVER left our car in the ditch around the sewerage works and headed off up Calle Haya. The police have been informed and there are witnesses who saw the white BMW convertible leaving the Saxo/Fishy Fishy car park around midnight just before the hit and run.”

For insurance purposes we need to trace this car asap. If anyone was in the area on Sunday, maybe eating or drinking in Premium Plus or nearby and saw this vehicle, please get in contact with Amanda Fletcher on Facebook or contact the Javea Connect admin via the website or the group. The car in question must be damaged and will need garage repairs.