South African Imports Have Ruined The Orange Producers In Valencia.

A sad story told to reporters from El Espanol

This season, 400 million euros have been lost due to the arrival of foreign produce in Spain. Losses such as this have disgusted Paco and caused him, we believe, to suffer a heart attack.

“Playing at the Sports Club of Burriana and enjoying a good paella with your family”. That is the only thing that Paco Sorrolla , a 72 year old orange farmer from Castellón de la Plana really enjoys. He says “With that I am happy……. I don’t need anything else.”

Paco has dedicated his working life exclusively to the groves for more than 40 years and his income was always been sufficient to fulfil those two wishes. “I just come in from the garden. I do what I can ”

His four hectares of oranges have always given him enough money. “I won seven million pesetas – 42,000 euros”-. Enough to enable his children to study for their careers in Valencia, ” he says. 

This year the only thing Paco has in his head is a famous Spanish saying meaning  “all past times were better.” 

Not a penny has he made this year with his precious oranges ! 50,000 kilos of wasted fruit. Lying on the ground rotting! This season 400 million euros have been lost and many are blaming the same culprit:  South African oranges.

Please don’t buy them next season!!!

Paco Sorolla, one of the farmers affected by the orange crisis