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Be VERY Aware of Fire Risks Right Now.

by JC Admin

Javea council is reminding everyone to act with caution when making barbecues and disposing of their ashes or embers.

In addition to the huge risk the lighting fire near forest areas involves as a simple spark caught by the wind can take down a mountain……this practice also creates danger in the waste collection points, because if the embers are not correctly put out, they may lie dormant for several hours later and burn the containers or even spread to vehicles or forest areas.

In addition to these obvious dangers, there is also the problem for public expenditure, as such situations force the mobilization of firefighters and then the eventual replacement of the containers.

Charcoal BBQs have specific rules. Please click the tab below and ensure you adhere to them

Do not BBQ on windy days or when we are warned of Emergency Level 3 (this situation can be consulted daily in local police, on the social networks of civil protection Javea or the website http://www.112cv.gva.es/es/incendios-forestales)

Leave the embers for at least 24 hours in a secure area or in a metal bin before throwing them in a container.

If you wish to learn more and receive advice of how to proceed in case of fire, on Monday-July 29th-29th of July-there is a talk at 19.00 hours in the Casa Cultura in Javea Old Town.

Monday 29th July

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