A “Fine” Time..DGT Drones Take To The Skies Today

Starting today, August 1st, Spain’s DGT traffic authority will use drones to fine drivers caught breaking the rules.

The aircraft will mainly be used to survey traffic on roads with a high accident rate. They will also be present in areas where there is a higher number of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists), and to keep watch for driving distractions.

In addition to these central tasks, the drones will be used to monitor and provide support in operations and special events, assist the work of the DGT helicopters, and help in emergency situations that require immediate action.

The Civil Guard traffic department will be notified the moment a drone captures a traffic violation wherever possible, otherwise the fine will be issued at a later time. All infractions will be documented with the corresponding image as evidence of the driver’s offence.

During August, around 47 million long-distance trips are expected to be made, a 1.57% rise from the same period last year. Between July 31 and August 1 alone, around 2.9 million trips are expected.