Petition to the Mayor of Javea from Residents of Costa Nova

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“Last Monday, some 50 Costa Nova neighbors of different nationalities had a second meeting with the mayor of Xàbia , José Chulvi , to show their opposition to the experimental project of the Granadella bus service, which was backed up by a 652 name petition.

Facing this neighborhood opposition, the residents of Costa Nova gave the mayor a petition with 652 signatures against the parking in a green area in the middle ofthe residential development of Costa Nova due to risk of fire, problems of traffic management and sanitation. Also attending the meeting were Councilor Kika Mata and Steve Cooper of Euratex, who conducted a fire safety assessment on behalf of concerned residents.


According to the neighbors who came to the meeting, “the City Council had not carried out any risk assessment, in fact, the City Council admitted that it had chosen the Costa Nova area as the easiest and cheapest option, which does not mean which is the best option before closing the ravine as parking area “.

In addition, residents say, “since the consistory said they had considered two options being the second in the La Guardia Park, but had chosen Costa Nova as the option of lower cost and also because they believed that less residents would be affected . 

City officials indicated that in recent months the police had visited the site every 20 minutes, a question that residents living nearby denied that had occurred.

Cooper explained that after the study of Fire Risk, “it emphasizes that in the event of a fire, it would spread rapidly by the presence of many cigarette butts and rubbish, together with the easy combustibility of the ground itself and that the fire station is 45 minutes away. Also it does not have trained personnel who are  contracted full time to manage the car park and to extinguish any small fire that could be caused “.

The City Council now proposes to consult residents…

The City Council, through its answers to the questions asked, revealed that it did not think it necessary to consult residents with regard to parking since the law allows it to use 40% of any green area in Jávea for car parks. However, they said that, from now on, they will consult the residents and invite them to the next meetings, “in addition, the doors of the City Council are open for any consultation . 

The mayor said, according to the local communiqué, that they no longer try to promote tourism in Jávea, but this is a measure to control the number of tourists. But the residents showed their dissatisfaction indicating that, in their opinion, this service makes their visit more accessible and the increase of bathers to the small cove.

After the meeting, which was also attended by residents of the Granadella, the inhabitants of Costa Nova hope to reach a solution for next year as they remain concerned about their safety. Remember that the new parking enabled by the City allows you to park more than 130 cars while their occupants use two free buses to move to Cala de Granadella.”