Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Over 30 vehicles engulfed by flames in Javea Port

Around 1pm on Saturday 18th May, we were alerted to a fire on the Alicante Firewatch App in the vicinity of the Beach House in Javea. The alert was soon to reveal that the fire was due to a burning car in the nearby car park.

As a result of the flames, 17 vehicles have been completely burned and another 14 have been affected, as confirmed by the Javea Town Hall. Fortunately, there are no reports of injuries as of the time the first full report was issued.

The public were advised to stay clear of the area, which was obviously incredibly volatile and it took until 16.00 for the fire to be extinguished and the area to be made safe.

There was public speculation that the fire was started in an electric car or due to fireworks being left in one of the vehicles in readiness for a wedding but a bulletin from the press office at 6pm stated that the cause was still under investigation.

Source: Javea.com and Javea Council press office.