Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A ticking bomb

The once green and verdant Montgo is now looking so very sad, as seen in the video above.

The brown tinge throughout the Montgo National Park is not just due to recent fires, but also the severe lack of water needed to nourish it.

This is becoming a danger difficult to face. Sometimes, lack of water is as lethal to vegetation as fire. It is a much slower killer, but just as relentless. The result being the same – the end of life.

The region is facing the worst drought in recent decades. “I have been looking at rainfall records, which have existed since 1994, and it has never rained as little as this year,” says Agusti Espi, technician of the CREAMA Agricultural Xarxa. “As a result, pine trees that were recently bright green are dying.”

Among the green, the brown gains strength, which indicates that the pine trees are the victims of lack of rain. These dead pine trees have not been killed by fire, but they could surely cause an unstoppable one to spread rapidly. “The pine trees are fuel.” says Espí, warning that, “It is a time bomb.”

The Pine Cemetery

The state of Montgó is precarious because its vegetation is based on pine, a pyrophilic vegetation, whereas historically it was more holm oak. Due to the changes that have occurred, not only in climate, but also in the uses of the land, which has favoured the growth of pine.

Sadly, it appears that there is no going back. The thirst is reversible until the tree dies and the Montgó is turning into a pine cemetery. From there, what options remain?

“A solution would be to carry out forest management in which the forests are cleared a little and the forest mass is eliminated. People sometimes find it bad, but this management helps keep the forest healthier and avoid intense fires. Once a pine tree dies, it has to be cut down and the mass crushed to serve as biomass for the land.”



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