Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tag: Humour

Ode to Curfew

Following on from the Lockdown Odes of 2020 😉 Although my odes were put on holdAs lockdown moved awayI felt I must just do one...

Gallavanting in Gandia..

My daughter and I decided that we should take a trip once a week, to places we have never visited before. ...

Pondering….The Silly Season

This is a resurrection of my blog that was written last year but I think that it applies, even more so, in...

“What”??…… “Doesn’t Matter” …..

How many of us can relate to this?? ;-)  Scientists have successfully concluded that 95% of married life is shouting ‘What?’ from other rooms. The...

Happy Mothers Day AND A Warning for All Men!

Giggle :) Mother's Day in Spain, known as Día de la Madre in Spanish, is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. In the past, it took place on...

Reality Facebook….

How long would you last? ;) 

Animal Antics!

Just a selection of JC Group pinned post pictures starring animated animals just to make you smile. :)  Have a great weekend all.  Click the...