New Speed Laws in Spain

Spanish ministers have approved a measure aimed to reduce number of fatal accidents on secondary roads and is getting ready to lower the speed limit from 100 kph to 90.kph.

Statistics prove that at the moment, 66 per cent of road fatalities occur on secondary roads.

The lowering of the speed limit on Spanish secondary roads is part of the battery of measures of the Directorate General of Traffic  for the coming year.

Fines for not wearing seat belts will also be tightened, and there will be more regulations for the use of  bicycles and scooters.

The reduction in the maximum limit will affect around 7,000 kilometres of roads. Drivers of vans, lorries and buses that until now could reach a maximum of 90 km/h on these roads will have to keep to a 80 kph limit.

Trafico roads department is planning to make the new limit effective within a month  and has set itself a deadline of 30 days to adapt all existing signs with the use of stickers.