Moors and Christians in Dénia 2018. Finale Programme…

The Moors and Christians take to the streets of Denia in August. 

Monday, August 13

  • 20: 00 hours: Moorish landing and signing of the truce on the beach of Punta del Raset (beach of the old Saladino)
  • 22: 00 hours: Camping dinner on La Vía street with charanga

Tuesday August 14

  • Starting at 12: 00 hours: Courtesy visit to the Moravian and Christian captaincies
  • 19: 00 hours: Children’s parade Itinerary: C / La Vía, Diana, Marques de Campos to Cruz Roja. Next, parade of bands up Glorieta, where all the bands will interpret Moors and Christian marches. Band director: Jose Pastor Pasor
  • 00: 00 hours: Festive entrance. Itinerary: C / La Vía, Diana, Marques de Campos to Cruz Roja

Wednesday, August 15

  • Starting at 12: 00 hours, parades of the different filaes through the city.
  • 18: 30 hours: GREAT GALA PARADE, with the captaincies closing their respective side. Itinerary: Same previous parades. Departure from Carlos Sentí crossing with Calle La Vía

Thursday, August 16

  • 11: 30 hours: Mass in the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Honor of Sant Roc and collection of bread
  • 12: 45 hours: Christian arenga and arcabucería battle in the Glorieta del País Valencià
  • 18: 30 hours: Parliament, surrender and miracle of the fog. Town Hall Square
  • 20: 30 hours: Procession in honor of Sant Roc
  • 22: 00 hours: Retreat and final shot. Town Hall Square
  • 00: 00 hours: Castle fireworks in the harbor