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Javea Moors and Christians Fiesta Starts Saturday 14th July

by Loraine Gostling
2017 video above via Javea.com 

On Saturday 14th July the countdown begins and the Aduanas del Mar becomes the epicentre of the local festivals in the fortieth edition of the Moros i Cristians de Xàbia which is one of the most unmissable events of the summer, pulling tourists from near and far. 

The president of the Board of Festes, Fernando Piles, (who also holds the position of Captain) chaired and led the presentation of the Llibre Fester 2018, accompanied by the Abanderada Mora, Paula Andrés, the Christian Abanderada, María Buigues,  Captain, Virginia Castellano, the mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, and the councilman of Fiestas, Toni Miragall.

This year’s magazine cover (in photo below) reflects the new castle that the Board of Festes designed and acquired last year and that takes prominence during the landing, embassy and reconquest.

2018 Celebration Programme

The festivities will begin on Saturday the 14th with the presentation of the fiesta and the proclamation of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, intimately linked to the municipality and who, for months, prepares his speech to praise and welcome this year’a festivities

On Sunday 15 , will be the famous Concert of Music Festera in the Artistic Musical Centre of Xàbia that reaches its sixteenth edition and that brings together a thousand people each year.

The rest of the week there will be visits to the different areas: Arenal on Monday 16th with the  tour of the Paseo del Tennisista David Ferrer and Historic Centre.

On Tuesday 17th, during the visit of the Abandedas and Captains,there will be a floral offering in the niche of the patron saint Sant Jaume. 

On Wednesday the 18th, the party will have an appointment with solidarity for the benefit of Cáritas parish, highlighting the collection of food in the supermarkets of Aduanas del Mar and the offering of flowers and food to Sant Jaume.

On Thursday and Friday will be the acts of historical recreation with the Landing, Mora Embassy and Christian Rendition ( Thursday 19 ) and the Christian Battle and Reconquest ( Friday 20 ).

The weekend ( 21 and 22 ), will  focus on music and the Gala Parades in which each filà will display their wonderful costumes. On Sunday are the children’s activities which will take place in the morning and, prior to the parade, the XV Trobada de Badas de Música will perform the Xábia pasodoble in unison. As a climax, the Filà Capitana Trabuquers will display its spectacular pageantry. At the end of the festival a tronà will be shot from the Playa de la Grava.

In addition to the usual acts, the complete programme includes the dinners of brotherhood, activities for children – highlighting the Entraeta Infantil. On Friday 19th – parades, musical performances at night (disco-mobiles on days 14, 18, 20 and 21), batukada and charanga touring Duanes on the night of the 19th and the Grand Discomovil with Spam Group, Christian Blond and Paul Smiths on Friday the 20th.

The gunpowder will lead in each act of battle, in the Correfoc on Saturday 21 and the Tronà that will close the festivities on Sunday 22.

Photo Xabia al Dia
Photo Xabia.org
Photo Xabia al Dia

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