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Javea Denounces Property Owners in Ambolo for Launching Fireworks Near Forest Area

by Loraine Gostling

During a private party on 23rd June, the owners of a property in Ambolo, even went as far as to hire a pyrotechnician to launch a huge, gunpowder loaded firework display!!

The City Council announced that it will be relentless in the face of such dangerous actions due to the risk of fire they pose and calls for neighbour collaboration to pursue them.

The Town Hall  has denounced the offenders  and the case will be notified to the Department of the Environment.

In addition, given the seriousness of this offence (the police investigation suggests that a lot of gunpowder was fired and has certified that a pyrotechnician participated), the complaint will be transferred to the Government Sub-delegation. It is law that any pyrotechnic activity must be notified to the Sub-delegation and, depending on the amount of gunpowder, it is essential to process a permit and the adopt preventive measures.

The case is especially serious, being in the forest area, between Granadella and Cap de la Nau, where it is strictly prohibited to throw any type of fireworks due to the obvious risk of starting a fire and the offence is punishable by fines of up to 18,030 euros .

The City of Xàbia wants to make clear that it will be relentess in the face of any irresponsibility of this type, even asking for criminal penalties if the situation so requires  and asks the citizens to collaborate by notifying the Police if they witness this type of practice, including flying chinese lanterns that are prohibited in Spain (the fine for launching them is around 600 euros).These lanterns have already started fires in Xàbia and other towns in the region.

The mayor, José Chulvi, has stressed that in pyrotechnic matters, the regulations are strict and can not be taken lightly. A few years ago, the City Council had to move the emblematic Loreto Castle to keep the minimum distance to the forest area and each time it has to launch pyrotechnics has to present a security plan and have a response operation with firefighters or civil protection.

Chulvi has appealed to the common sense of people and to think that with this kind of unconscious actions can cause real disasters both for the environment and for their own properties. He has also urged those who rent their homes, to instruct their tenants in this matter.

Prevention is vital in populations such as Xàbia, with 2,540 hectares of forest (36% of its municipal area) and a large area of ​​urban forests.

Within the informative and educational actions for the prevention of fires, remember that this Thursday -5 of July, at 10’30 hours- a workshop will be held at the Pinosol Park for people who want to learn how to reduce fire risks and how to act in case of facing one.

Warning posters are available in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Click here for further information.

Original Story: La Marina Plaza

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