Breaking Bad In Denia!

Guardia Civil have arrested two 25 year old Dutch men in Denia, alleged to be drug trafficking and have seized more than 15 kilos of Crystal Meth with an estimated street value of €400,000 euros

The detainees had intended to board the ferry to Ibiza, where they were planning to sell the drugs in the island.

Methamphetamine, a drug classified as one that poses the greatest threat to health in the last World Drug Report, was hidden in a compartment created especially for it in the vehicle’s boot. It was only possible to access it by operating an electronic mechanism, activated by a switch that was hidden in the passengers’ part.

Despite this, Guardia Civil agents detected small details that made them suspect and, after a more detailed examination, they removed one of the separation plates from the floor of the trunk which revealed the hiding place of the contents in vacuum plastic bags.

The agents are now investigating the origin of the cargo, although the guess is that the drug was “cooked” outside Spanish territory, in another EU country.

The two men, of Dutch nationality and 25 years of age, attended court this morning and have been sent to prison without bail.