Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Gizmo Becomes A Reality!

 Timekettle’s WT2 Plus earbuds ensure you’re never lost for words when travelling abroad.  Allowing you chat with strangers in dozens of languages.

Two users can speak in bursts of up to 15 seconds, with their earbud sending their voice to the phone and then playing a translation through the other person’s earbud on roughly a five-second delay. That person can then reply in their own language, which in turn is translated.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Gizmo Become Reality!
Photo: The Age.com

On show in Las Vegas this week the US$219 pair of buds are designed to connect to a single Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. Once languages are selected via the smartphone app, the earbuds allow for completely hands-free two-way conversations.

The app relies on noise reduction technology along with AI-powered translation services from both Google and Microsoft to handle 21 languages, with at least 15 more to come. The app also handles accents; catering to five different English accents, including Australian.. so far! Again further accents are being developed.

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