Here’s a novel and growing idea!

Rent out your pool!

Cocopool, is an online platform created in Barcelona who are asking people “Do you have a private pool?” They want more owners to join the hundreds of hosts who already make money renting out their pool when they’re not using it.

Apparently, “Space rental has become the business of the summer. In fact, the private pool rental market is now an option that is growing all over Spain and it is a trend that is attracting more and more attention from owners and bathers”.

At present, you can rent more than 250 pools countrywide, but only 7 so far in the Valencia region.

Cocopool’s company spokesman says “There are many potential hosts, we are receiving more and more offers”. He added that the average booking is around €480 for about six hours!

No tourist licence needed

In general, the company states that the average profitability of the platform’s owners is around €4,000 for renting out their pool in the summer season. Some can even go as high as €10,000. The listings on the website say that they are, “perfect for events including birthdays, family meals and other celebrations”.

One of the advantages of this, is that the owner does not need a tourist licence as there is no overnight stay. According to the autonomous regulation of the Valencian Community, this type of rental would not fall under the category of housing for tourist use, since the law states that the dwelling must be rented as a whole for tourist, holiday or leisure purposes.

** This is not a sponsored advert – we just thought it may be interesting – as long as there are no hidden catches!

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