Denia A&E is under severe pressure.

The Union of Public Assistance Doctors (SIMAP) has warned of a critical situation in Denia hospital’s Accident and Emergency department, that may worsen in the summer. The union has stated that the Ministry of Health has not yet taken the necessary measures to reinforce staff in emergencies and health centres “showing a total lack of knowledge and a worrying lack of interest.”

“Instead of increasing the workforce with the reversal of managment, it continues to decrease due to the unfavourable working and economic conditions inherited from Marina Salud,” they say, stating that currently there are no doctors available on the job market and that the few willing to collaborate They do not find the appropriate conditions to do so. “The Emergency Service staff should have 28 doctors, but currently only 14 remain.”

In addition to the shortage of reinforcements, the union admits that the Vacation Plan is still unknown. “The lack of foresight about how to face this crisis is worrying” and they point to the option of concentrating resources from other centres in the Marina Alta or even requesting help from other departments.

SIMAP once again emphasize that the consequences of the situation directly affect the quality of patients. “Emergency doctors are exhausted. The expected peak of work between July and August will put the service to the limit, increasing the risk of collapse.” Furthermore, as a result of the past COVID epidemic, this year the Family MIRs do not finish their residency until September, which prevents them from having their usual reinforcement in June.

“One hundred days after the reversal, the Ministry has not been able to find a solution.”

SIMAP and emergency doctors ask patients for understanding and patience in the face of these problems, but commit to “offer the best possible service under these conditions.”

They also urge the Minister of Health, Marciano Gómez, to find a quick solution to these problems and demand that the Emergency Service be declared difficult to cover, allocating the necessary resources to resolve “this critical situation that is threatening reversal in the Marina Alta.

Source: La marina

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