Help Less Fortunate Children and Get Wonderful Personal Photos In Return!

What a fabulous idea and offer from Michelle Pritchard Price

Dear Everyone  Post with more than 5 words – PLEASE read till the end 
following a post from Silvia Barnish regarding the Preventorio , a children’s home in Gandia and their desperate needs for funds for several really really important things for the children , I feel the need to help.These children have been born into an area were I would consider many of us privileged ( by this I mean that you do not have to worry what you will be eating tomorrow ) Unfortunately these children are at the other end of the spectrum , born into families who for many reasons are not able to take care of them . 
THIS FRIDAY  the 6th Ocober I will be from 15.00 – sunset ON THE ARENAL , in-front of Carnival . I will offer to take pictures of your children ( and you ) . For a minimum donation of 10 EUR.
I will take , edit and send you the pictures (min.3) to your e mail. There will be no Copy right , so you can print, post and share as you wish. 
PLEASE spread the word 
I want those children to smile , to get dental treatment and to celebrate their birthdays with at least a present . To assure you that 100 % of the raised money goes to Preventorio I will share the bank statement of payment into the registered charity account and also pictures from the ( hopefully ) smiling children who benefit from your support. 
picture are examples of my work