Javea Will Charge for the Granadella Bus in Summer 2018

Reported by Levante 2nd October. 2017.

Some 15,000 bathers used the bus in July and August and most were surprised that it was free – But the town hall had costs of 43,000 euros to run the service.

“Sustainability is not cheap, but it is profitable,” said Javea Mayor José Chulvi of the PSPV , who, after the summer, is now more than convinced that the Granadella cove should be closed in July and August. Next summer the town hall will go one step further. The bus that enabled the bathers to get down to this beach will no longer be free. “We will fix a very affordable price, comparable to public transport. No one is going to stop going to the Granadella for the sake of paying a euro or a euro and a half, “Chulvi said.

Photo. Levante emv.com

The truth is that the visitors who took the bus were the first surprised when they were told that it was free. The mayor said that if you pay something “people value service more.” He added that the neighbours and businessmen of the cove of the Granadella also see the benefits to the possibility of collecting a ticket.
The city council, confirmed by the Councilor for Services, Kika Mata, in full last Thursday, stated that the bus has cost 43,000 euros. 33.ooo for the the contracting of the two buses and 10,000 for the installation of barriers and the salaries of drivers.
“It is an investment in sustainability and in giving value to one of the emblematic coves of the Region of Valencia. I think it is money well spent, “said Chulvi , who added that the closure of traffic has been” flexible ” and that the drivers and local police have left every day to get down to the Granadella about 170 vehicles, which is the capacity of places in the area behind the Avinguda del Tio Català and a section of the Pic Tort road.
About 15,000 visitors went to the cove. In August, 8,797 people went down by bus. A severe storm stopped services for five days in August while the damage was adressed and rectified by the town hall.

The munícipality stated yesterday that the closure to cars on this beach was also a consequence of the prohibition of the Hydrographic Confederation of Júcar to park in the ravine, which was the parking lot of the Granadella. The storm of last August 12 caused the ravine to descend voilently and very rapidly. “I do not want to think what would have happened to the ravine with cars and caravans parked there,” Chulvi warned.
The commitment for the sustainability or the marine caves that the town hall marked out in 2016 (impeding the entrance of jet skis and motor boats) will be put into place next summer starting with the Barraca or Portitxol. This was confirmed yesterday by the mayor. Javea doesn’t want any more congestion with cars. Also this summer it was shown that the beach-goers don’t mind walking to get down to the Ambolo or the path to get to La Sardinera. The way to do this still needs to be studied but it will consist of getting rid of cars in the last access road to La Barraca and make tourists get used to exercising their legs. At the moment they park miles away and they have to walk.