England Player’s Dad Celebrates World Cup Match Win in Moraira

Last Sunday, I decided to go watch the England-Panama match with some friends in  Moraira on a “humungus” screen that has been installed at the Hill Top Gastro pub, a fairly new bar/restaurant in Tabaira. 

It was a good choice! The screen can indeed, be seen from space 😉 , the match was brilliant ( although I did miss the usual nail biting last few minutes when we are all waiting to see if England can either 1) Score again to take the lead, or 2) Score again to equalize and not go back home!!).

The food is good, reasonably priced and really large portions, the drinks are far cheaper than many and last, but not least, the atmosphere has enough electricity to power that huge screen because, as we found out very soon, Liverpool captain ( yes,  I did a bit of research!) and England player, Jordan Henderson’s dad, Brian, was there with friends watching it with us.

I understand that during half time Brian was texting Jordan, telling him not to ruffle the ref. lol. He was very friendly, gracious and posed alongside a few of the England fans, including resident Quizmaster, Robert Johnson. 

So tonight there is another match and for those of you who wish to see the the game and then have a singalong afterwards with Steve Solo, get yourselves a seat, either outside with the super-screen, or inside in the cool where there are more TVs  scattered all around the bar areas. And before I finish, I would just like to say that Craig, the barman/waiter has got some stamina! He was up and down like a bride’s nightie!!!

Hope to see Brian again before he goes back to the UK and finally GOOD LUCK ENGLAND!!!

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