British people will have to jump through more hoops to visit the EU soon

EU to launch Biometric Entry/Exit System in a few months.

The European Union’s Entry-Exit System (EES), aims to enhance internal security and modernise external border management.

 EES will be an automated system that will be used to register travellers from third countries each time they cross an EU external border, reports.

It will start to function in September 2022

In full respect of fundamental rights and data protection, the system will register the person’s name, type of travel document, biometric data (fingerprints and captures facial images), as well as the date and place of entry and exit. In addition, the system will also record entry refusals.

The data will be gathered at land crossings, seaports, and air and then will be shared with the relevant government agencies.

Apart from the above-mentioned, EES will also contribute to preventing illegal migration and help to protect the security of citizens of Europe.

“EES is among the measures undertaken as part of the Security Union and will help achieve the objectives of the European Agenda on Security and the European Agenda on Migration in particular regarding border management and preventing cross-border crime and terrorism,” the statement of the Commission reads.

The system will help bona fide third-country nationals too to travel more easily while identifying more efficiently over-stayers and cases of document and identity fraud.


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