Thursday, May 23, 2024

Alicante San Juan Festival – The best there is? – You decide….

In the days BC ( Before Covid) two local lads, Josh and Christophe, headed out to Alicante on June 24th to see if what people say about the San Juan Festival being the best there is, is actually true.

They were not disappointed! And yes….it is!

From preparation to clean up, the dynamic duo spent several hours watching the revellers ( and boy do they revel in style!) amid fireworks, burning effigies, a squillion people with cameras constantly clicking and whirring; bomberos clearly enjoying keeping both the buildings (which are dangerously near to the fires) and the party-goers cool.

Josh interviewed visitors from all over the world, plus a few of the very proud locals while Christophe kept his camera as cool as he could whilst trying to avoid being showered by the zealous bomberos!

Health and Safety??? Que…..??????

And here is the spectacular result!!

Cover photo


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