Auction of abandoned planes in Valencia from 2,000 euros

A job lot of aircraft have not been claimed since the process began at the end of 2019!

Aena is auctioning a total of 23 aircraft that are in a declaration of “legal presumption of abandonment” at the Valencia Airport , for between 2,000 and 8,300 euros.

This appears in a resolution published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), where 12 lots of aircraft are auctioned. The largest includes 12 aircraft, for a total of 8,300 euros, and the rest of the lots consist of one device each.

As stated in the resolution, in the absence of valid offers in the first call, the second call will be opened subject to the rate of 50% of the initial value. In the absence of valid offers in the second call, the third call will be opened without subject to the rate.

The deadline for submitting offers is one month, from the day following publication in the Official State Gazette.

The opening of bids will take place at the Valencia Airport, on the date that will be communicated to the bidders, once the deadline for submitting bids has ended.

To take part in the auction, it is necessary to present the offer and the guarantee in a sealed envelope with the requirements specified in the tender specifications that are available to bidders at the Administrative Department of Valencia Airport.