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Arenal Beach Blue Flag at risk as sanitary work re-commences.

The public body for Wastewater Sanitation (EPSAR) has notified Javea Town Hall that in the next few days the second phase of the project that affects the underwater outfall that runs through the Arenal Beach, will commence.

The work will serve to extend the distance of the purified water channel to 900 metres from the coastline.

According to the forecast, the work will end by the last week of June.

They will begin with an inspection dive at the end of this week or the beginning of the next and the arrival of the necessary parts for the bulk of the work is expected on May 15th.

The outfall suffered a fissure as a result of torrential rains in April 2022 that caused the already treated and purified water to spill 30 metres from the shore. Last summer an emergency repair was carried out to remove this discharge up to 350 metres, but the City Council has demanded that a second phase be carried out to recover the route of the outfall to its initial situation (discharging some 900 metres from the coast ).

As a result of these works, as last year, it is foreseeable that the beach will not be eligible to raise the blue flag, since having works underway is incompatible with the badge. However, the quality of the water for bathing and all services (lifeguards, beach chairs and other concessions such as foot showers, walkways, adapted bathing area and play areas) are fully guaranteed.

The City Council they have expressed their satisfaction that this situation will finally be resolved and that EPSAR also anticipates further action, such as the promotion of the additional use of this purified water for irrigation work.

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