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Where to get more for your money in the Marina Alta property market.

The Marina Alta is a highly visited area, especially during holiday periods.

Our region is home to idyllic and, above all, paradisiacal corners and hidden treasures. But, living in the area permanently does not normally come cheaply. So, what are the cheapest places to settle and buy a home in the Marina Alta?

The five towns with the cheapest m2 in the Marina Alta

As expected, the most economical areas to live in are somewhat removed from most coastal tourist areas. The Idealista real estate information portal , which collects data on the average sale price (PMV) of various locations, clarifies this information.

Although the municipalities in the interior of the region do not have enough documentation to make totally accurate comparisons, the following ranking shows the five towns with the lowest PMV , ordered from highest to lowest price:

5. Gata de Gorgos is among the five towns with the lowest price per square metre, although it is the most expensive of the 5 . The figure for this figure is 1,316 euros/m2 . Statistics show that the cost has remained fairly stable since 2013, however it is now that the Gata PMV is experiencing the highest price increase since then.

4. Sanet i Negrals is in fourth place. The PMV per m2 there is 1,156 euros so, on average, a property can cost 170,250 euros . The Sanet study compiles figures only from 2018, despite this, in recent years, the town has experienced various falls and rises in price. Thus, the highest was in February 2019 with 1,579 euros/m2 and the lowest in April 2020 with 1,005 euros per square metre.

3. Benidoleig. The average sale price of it is 1,091 euros per m2 , only 65 euros below Gata. A house there can cost around 164,000 euros . On the other hand, the data collected by the portal dates back to 2017, where it can be seen that the PMV of the town was beginning to rise, since in June of that year it was 763 euros/m2 and, in April 2018, it was already of 1,180 euros.

2. Ondara is in second place . The PMV there is 930 euros/m2 and, on average, a house in the town can cost 140,805 euros . The highest peak in the price per m2 was in October 2011 with 1,285 euros/m2 and the greatest drop was experienced in April 2017 with a PMV of 537 euros per square metre.

1. In the first position of the ranking is Pego . The municipality has an average sale price per square metre of 779 euros , the lowest according to the data consulted. A property there can cost an average of 138,455 euros . However, the numbers collected in March 2011 indicate that the pegolí m2 was at 1,491 euros and that the period with the lowest PMV was in December 2013, with 482 euros/m2 .

Source: La Marina Alta.com

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