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The Ribera group launches the first super-specialised radiological group.

Technology, human resources and methodology come together for sub-specialised radiologists to report abdomen, neurological, thorax, musculoskeletal, breast and otorhinolaryngology images.

They will be able to carry out super-specialised radiological reports, second opinions, ultrasound scans and biopsies in situ in hospitals, as well as in other health centres, with no waiting times!

The Ribera Health Group has set up the first super-specialised radiological ring in Spain for reports and second opinions, signed by some of the best professionals in abdominal, neurological, thoracic, musculoskeletal, breast and otorhinolaryngology radiology. No delays or waiting lists, because the report of the studies is done remotely.

The constitution of this radiological group has made it possible to coordinate technology with human resources and to apply the methodology of all the hospitals in the Ribera Group, (including Denia) so that highly specialised professionals not only report studies but also perform ultrasound scans and biopsies on site when necessary.

The team is coordinated by Dr. Gonzalo Tardáguila, a radiologist and expert in diseases of the abdomen at the Ribera Povisa hospital, and has the collaboration of Dr. Julia Camps, who is also corporate head of the Breast Area. The technical coordinator is Enrique López.

Dr. Tardáguila has assured that:-

“with this radiological ring, the Ribera health group expands the coverage provided by our specialist radiologists in each organ-system but, above all, improves the excellence and quality of the service we offer our patients, who have the guarantee that your radiological diagnostic tests are informed by the best in each subspecialty”.

“There will be, for example, heart superspecialists who will only report cardiac studies, abdominal experts who will deal with digestive diseases and so on in all areas, Neurology, Breast, Lung, Skeletal Muscle, etc., which is known in the radiological field. as an organ-system”, adds the coordinator of the Radiological Ring of the Ribera group.

In addition, he explains, this Radiological Ring “is going to mean a great advance in radiological organisation, because it will enable any hospital, regardless of its size or staffing, to be able to count on top-quality reports issued by the most outstanding experts in the area under study.

Dr. Camps, for her part, highlighted the speed in reporting, the improvement in inter-centre coordination and the wide range of possibilities that this organisation offers when it comes to collecting and analyzing more data for multi-centre studies. “It is a great step for the Ribera health group”, she assured.


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