What exactly is a Gota Fria?

Firstly, for those who are still unsure of what a Gota Fria ( or DAMA) actually is and why it happens, here is an explanation, as brief as we can make it.

The cold drop , DANA (isolated depression at high levels)  is an annual weather phenomenon that usually coincides with the onset of autumn and spring in the western Mediterranean . 

It is particularly experienced here in Spain and more specifically along our east coast and our neighbouring islands, the Balearics. Broadly speaking, the “cold drop” is the result of a front of cold polar air ( jet stream ) that moves slowly over Western Europe at high altitude (usually 5-9 km) and which, when colliding with the warmest and wettest air of the Mediterranean Sea , generates strong and, in a lot of cases, quite harmful storms . 

This is the result of the Javea Gota Fria in 2007