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Vehicle Controls at Alicante Airport

by Loraine Gostling

A new control has been carried out on passenger transport services by 9 agents, some  from the Urban Mobility,  the Transport Inspector and the new head of the Territorial Service, in the Alicante airport region. 

During two hours of the inspections, they encountered the usual number of illegalities involving the lack of technical inspections (ITVs), as well as three cases of non use of children’s safety seats and belts. In subsequent document checks, one offender was found without a valid driving license and two did not have administrative authorisation to travel.

The officers assigned filed four complaints against drivers lacking driver identification cards and two VTC violations for not carrying road maps (In Spain there are about 5,200 VTC licenses (an authorization to rent vehicles with driver.  VTC is a type of rental of a car different to a taxi, whereby drivers can not pick up a client without an appointment, nor use the lanes for taxi drivers.) and one “pirate taxi” was detected. The latter was denounced for this reason.

A total of 30 taxis, 4 vans in long-stay car parks, 18 foreign vehicles, 10 rental vehicles with drivers and 12 private cars were inspected.Two were removed by the municipal crane.

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