Transferring a Vehicle To Spanish Plates.. Taxes and Choices Explained.

“Just so you all know…Transfer tax can be 4,6, 8,10 or 12% of the value of the car/vehicle as per the Tax Office and we all work from the same data base, it all depends on the age cc, fuel type, make model etc…..

You can, if you want download the listing so you can see for yourself if you are being over charged..If a car is over 12 years and has a value of 12K or less there are standard set fees you can not change these fees you can not pay less because the car has high mileage etc The only thing you can change is the amount of fees for doing the work…THE TAX remains what the tax office says it is.

If you want cheap and do not mind waiting for ages for the transfer to be done, then go with that, if you want fast and to be able to speak to your Gestor in fluent English and they charge more then that is your option.

The first car I had transferred in to my name which to be fair was a long time ago, cost me double the price because I could not speak fluent Spanish and just did not understand the system and how it works. All cars have a set value, all Gestors can charge a price that they see as being a fair deal.

There are plenty of choices including doing it yourself. Please use the link below to double check the transfer tax price, it is linked to the tax office and also linked to the listings that every single Gestor in Spain works from. If you want help, let me know, if you do not like the price I quote you, just say so, I will not be offended. I will happily help anyone, even if I do not get the work…I see it as part of my contribution to the community”

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