Tighter security at Ambolo cove

For many years, access to Cala Ambolo has been closed due to the high risk of landslides, but come summer, bathers ignore the closure systems installed such as barriers, fences and prohibition signs. The priority, however, was to access the cove and enjoy its crystalline waters, without thinking about the possible consequences.

And so, Javea Town Hall has now reinforced security. It has been decided to place a large gate at the intersection of C/Richard Wagner and C/Samuel, where the path begins. This section already has numerous flaws due to wear and tear and lack of maintenance. 

In addition to the new gate, this summer there will be a guard on the C/Igor Stravinsky, which gives access from the Portitxol road, to inform bathers about the closure of the cove due to the risk of landslides.

Despite the new barriers and signage warning of the danger, on one day last week, up to ten people could be counted who had accessed the cove, again ignoring the prohibitions. The persistence of bathers in defying the safety measures highlights the difficulty of keeping the area restricted and safe.

The City Council urges all citizens and tourists to respect the safety measures and to refrain from accessing the Cala de Ambolo, thus preserving their own safety and that of others.