The “Hot” Civil Guard Who Went Crazy on Twitter Bares All in the Shower

Last April, Jorge Pérez hit the big time on Twitter and other social networks with a photo of him in uniform…..

Well the uniform has gone now!

El Espanol now reports:-

A few months ago this Guardia Civil agent was tweeting hormones far and wide with this photo:-

With a distant look, a sprouting beard, (nice arms 😉 ) full unform and a blurred background, no-one really expected what was to happen to this innocent tweet. But, seriously, look, the photo is, technically, very good.

We do not actually know if it was the expected effect by those responsible, but the image went handsomely viral on social networks, making it a huge trending topic. “Sure, it was Spring, which apparently means that people’s blood (and noses!) alter.” or so they say in El Espanol. 

Now, just a few months later, Jorge Pérez (yes, he does have a name), has decided to turn social networks upside down, this time Instagram. And he has done it again, now without uniform and under the shower.

He clearly broke records with his previous photo and has increased his activity on Instagram since April. Jorge now combines his activity as a law agent with being a model and obviously Instagram is the ideal platform to show off his assets and his heart plus add the odd philosophical comment or two and hey presto… A star is born from a chance photo and a little bit of luck…… perhaps there was a just a little smattering of female drooling there too.  😀  😉 

Well for fans of our Jorge, you can follow along with his other 60,000 fans on Instagram here


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