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The Good Life

by JC Admin

Hi, we’re Georgie and Pep and we’d like to welcome you to our blog, all about our way of life in Benissa, Alicante, Spain.

Well here I am, so excited to be able to start my own blog, something I have been wanting to do for some time. I shall be blogging about all sorts of topics but they will mostly be based around our way of life in Benissa, Alicante, Spain.

I will be sharing with you how we grow most of our own produce and the ins and outs of caring for the land, with mistakes that we make along the way!! Also recipes and uses for the veggies, fruits, herbs, nuts, etc that we harvest all through the year.

Pep with his first ever 20 kilo pumpkin!!

Most of the recipes I share will be vegan and plant based and all made from scratch, although occasionally I will use eggs from our free range chickens and a tin of tuna might pop up once in a while! The recipes will often be seasonal as we tend to use what we have harvested at the time, we both agree that this is the healthiest way to eat but, when we have a surplus of something in particular then we find ways to preserve it so nothing gets thrown away. The freezers definitely come in handy here as well as plenty of jars!!

Along the way I will also post different walking routes that we go on as well as visits to restaurants and other places I think could be of interest. We live in a beautiful area with great weather and stupendous scenery which we try to make the most out of and my aim is to try and share all of this as best I can with you.

Me at the restaurant that does our favourite veggie paella

We often travel to different parts of Spain for our holidays when we get the chance, whether it’s a quick weekend away somewhere relatively close or at least a week somewhere further afield. Wherever it may be I shall share our travels on this blog too so it’s not just centered around this area, there are tons of wonderful places to experience in this country and it’s always a joy finding new ones.

Montefrío, Granada province. It was selected by National Geographic as one of the best views in the world and I must admit, it’s pretty spectacular.

I shall also use this blog for mentioning the Spanish (Castellano) and sometimes Valenciano terms for all sorts of things that I’ll be talking about and if you have any questions regarding how to say something in Spanish or Valenciano please don’t hesitate to ask me.

If you would like to contact us about anything there is a link to the contact page in the top and bottom menus, feel free to do so, I look forward to hearing from you. Also the link to the “about us” page is there too if you’d like to read a bit about our history and how we ended up doing what we love.

For now I shall say cheerio, obviously at this moment the blog is very bare but I’m hoping to change that very shortly. As this is the first post, the links you’ll find in the menu don’t have anything in them, I’m just getting them ready as I have all sorts of topics I want to talk about and I’m eager to start writing about all of them, but “poc a poc” as they say around here!! Little by little it shall start taking shape!! Take care and see you very soon, love Georgie and Pep xxx

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