Be Prepared for Halloween.. A Light-Hearted Guide

In the run up to Halloween, here are a few JC tips 

1. Plan early for your Halloween party. Don’t bother buying fake cobwebs, just stop cleaning your house now!

2.It’s important that your children carry a torch with them when trick-or-treating so they can shine it on the sweets to make sure they’re not being stiffed.

3. Children won’t be interested in bobbing for apples, so put something more desirable in the water like their phones.

4.Toys, bicycles and lawn decorations could be trip hazards for trick-or-treaters so leave plenty of them out.

5. It is vitally important to check ALL the sweets that your children bring home. Chewy stuff, treats with peanuts and hard sweets are all potentially delicious so you want to get to those before your kids.

6. Inform your children that their well-being is vitally important to you so they must only knock on doors of houses where they know that only Cadbury’s or Lindt chocolate will be provided.

7. Before the day, eat loads of Ferrero Rocher chocs, save all the wrappers, cook the equivalent amount of brussels sprouts and wrap the cold veg in the used wrappers for all your annoying trick or treaters