The Galleon Andalusia will dock in Dénia on 27th February

Managed by the Nao Victoria Foundation, this ship, a floating museum of 49 meters in length will remain docked in Denia harbour from February 27th to March 1st in Marina de Dénia. ( See poster below for visiting times and prices)

The Andalusian Galleon is the replica of an imposing Spanish galleon representative of Spanish history and culture. It was used by the Spanish during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, in maritime discovery and commercial expeditions between Spain, America and the Philippines.

The seafaring museum displays how the crew of that time lived. A great opportunity for anyone who wants to get on board and learn some history.

It should be noted that tradition and modern life merge in an area of more than 320 square metres along the galleon roofs.

The ship weighs 500 tons, is just under 50 metres in length and its 6 sails amount to almost a thousand square meters . Its average speed is 7 knots. 

Since the launch in 2010, with a crew of between 15 and 35 people, she has already sailed the great oceans and seas of the world.