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The Fly Tipping Epidemic!

by Loraine Gostling

As stated on the Javea Connect group last week, we have been in contact with the Javea Ajuntament and have received a reply from Kika Mata, who is taking local residents’ concerns very seriously and is addressing these problems as quickly as she can.

This is what we have been told………..

Even though they are aware of the problem, they are very grateful for our help and would like people to let them know about these cases and send photos.

They are working on it and have just put the rubbish contract out to tender and will soon have a new contract, involving a lot more funds to cover a variety of things, so this situation will, eventually , be much much improved within a few more months.

Again, they repeat that the Town Hall are  aware of the problems…. they are working on it as fast as they can, the problem is that bureaucracy also applies to them and there are things they cannot do any faster. However, they tell us that they will try to prosecute people who fly tip and illegally dump rubbish and they do continue to appreciate people sending  photographic evidence to them.

You can report any local problem via the Xabia Connect App.

Cover photo: Daily Mail

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