The Convenio Especial

Are you an early retiree and looking for access to healthcare in Spain? Wanting to register as a resident in Spain but don´t have the necessary health cover?

The Convenio Especial is a way to access healthcare, particularly for those of you who aren’t working, or have yet to claim a state pension.

It is a pay-in scheme which allows residents in Spain to access public healthcare for a monthly fee of 60 euros (if you´re under 65 years old) or 157 euros (over 65 years old).
You can be accepted on the scheme if you have pre-existing conditions, so if you can’t get private health insurance because of your medical history then this is a good option.
The Convenio Especial can also be used as proof of healthcare cover for residency applications.
Please note you will, however, have to pay for prescriptions in full on this scheme.
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  1. My husband and myself are both aged 62.We found Javea 9 years ago and fell in love with it and have had a holiday every year since.
    We are now thinking of relocating permanently to Javea after both taking early retirement after some health
    We understand we would have to take out private health insurance, but i believe this can be very expensive.
    Could anyone tell me a little about the Convenio Especial and would this system be of any use to us.
    We would be very grateful for any information.