Zoo in China Turns The Tables! Visitors in Cages and Animals Roam Free

Many people I know cannot understand the attraction of watching caged animals and there is an ever increasing call to stop using and abusing animals, which, personally, I am in agreement with totally.

Well, it seems that it seems that a zoo in China has well and truly turned the tables and now humans can experience what it feels like to be “gawked” at in a cage.

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo lets big cats and other wildlife species, such as bears, roam free and puts their visitors in cages instead. This way, people have the opportunity to get extremely close to the wild creatures without the heartache of seeing them trapped in small cages.

There are chunks of meat tied to the outside of moving cages with visitors in order to attract the animals. At the same time, inside these vehicles, the visitors are protected from being a lion’s dinner or a bear’s breakfast. There are also small openings at the top, through which people can offer goodies to the exotic beasts.

However, because of the breathtaking photos of lions and tigers jumping onto the cages, the concept received some criticism from people who think it’s too dangerous to bring the zoo visitors so close to the wild animals. According to The Daily Mail, some individuals have characterised this unusual park attraction as ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

The zoo has been running now for 3 years

What do you think??